More and more companies are turning to third party providers such as Merrill Lynch, American Century, MetLife, etc. to provide benefit management services for their employees. These providers help reduce the workload of payroll departments all over the United States. However, work these providers do requires a lot of transactional data. By providing this data electronic, the client can reduce errors as well as improves turn-around times. Unfortunately, many companies do not realize there is a way to automate the data transfers to and from these third party providers in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Tarver Program Consultants can help by developing a Benefit Data Interface. Working with your third party benefit provider, we can develop interfaces to port any data into formats that can be transmitted directly to the third party providers which they can import directly into their systems for processing and analysis.

In most cases, these benefit interfaces pay for themselves within a few months. We have developed benefit interfaces for many of the major service providers and can produce not only format translators but also content translators. Reducing the chance of error and eliminating duplication of effort is no longer a dream for many companies and it doesn’t have to be one for your company either.

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