Custom Reporting Interface can include a lot of possibilities. Often times, the need starts in the Payroll or HR Department where information provided by remote locations needs to be sent back to those locations for proofing or approval before payroll is processed. In some cases, payroll departments need to send invoices to their the various entities within an organization to charge back employer paid tax amounts to the proper departments to keep track of true overhead costs associated with each entity. And sometimes, internal management needs to see data in ways that simply cannot be produced with existing software.

Tarver Program Consultants can builds Custom Reporting systems that can take input from a variety of sources, merge the data in anyway the clients need and then output said data in a format that can be easily analyzed and acted upon. Instead of employees spending hours creating custom reports, why not automate the process and give your employees the opportunity to use their talents to mine the data for knowledge instead of focusing on creating the reports?

Click on any of the logos below to learn more about some of the companies who have utilized our services in the past. You may also want to check out our Frequent Questions page to learn more about Tarver Program Consultants, Inc. and our DataWorks. Contact Us anytime using our online email form.

Assurance America
First Bank & Trust
The Little Clinic
RAM Partners, LLC
Stirling Properties
J. Smith Lanier & Co.
Wise Company
Univeral Alloy Company

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