While many companies enjoy excellent service and time savings by using third party payroll services, getting journal entries for the payroll back into their internal accounting system is sometimes a challenge. Once a payroll is completed and the checks have been sent, the accounting department of a company usually goes into high gear producing journal entries from the payroll reports their payroll service provides. However, this manual process is time consuming, error-prone, and costly.

Tarver Program Consultants can help make your out-sourced payroll experience even better by developing a general ledger interface to convert detailed payroll transactions into a format that can be imported directly into your accounting software. Redistribution of employer payroll expenses according to departments worked can easily be incorporated into our general ledger interfaces as well as complex transaction splits based on business rules provided by the client. Either by using accrual transactions provided by the third party service provider or by generating accrual transactions based on rules provided by the client, we can even export transaction reversal files should the client need them.

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