Data collection systems come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is a software based time clock system in an office, a POS system in a restaurant, an electronic scale system, or a time-clock system on a production line, the companies that use these tools depend on them to help them manage their employees and track their productivity.

Most of the products on the market today provide for basic export capabilities to standard file layouts, but what if that standard export layout isn’t the same as the import layout required by the software you want to use to process employee entries?

That’s where Tarver Program Consultants, Inc. can help! TPC can develop a custom interface to move data electronically from your data collection system to anywhere you need the data to go. We provide the interface software to you for installation on your computers so you can use the interface on your schedule and as often as necessary.

You may also want to check out our Frequent Questions page to learn more about Tarver Program Consultants, Inc. and our DataWorks. Contact Us anytime using our online email form.

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