Migrating from one payroll system to another? If so, then you may have already learned that payroll histories for employees may not always be transferred to the new payroll system. That’s not a problem if you will continue to have access to your old payroll system for an extended period of time (up to seven years in some cases). Many third party payroll service providers will provide access to old pay data for up to 180 days but eventually they will provide you a full dump of all your pay data history in order to make room for new clients. Unless you have an IT department willing to create an easy way to access the old pay data it can be cumbersome to research any employee’s payroll history.

Tarver Program Consultants can assist by importing your old payroll history into a custom Payroll History System which will allow you to query the pay history any time using a fill-in-the-blank methodology which doesn’t require you to learn any SQL command. Our systems provide drill-down access all the way to Earning, Deduction or tax details on a check by check basis. Custom reports can also be included to provide easy ways to provide work histories to mortgage companies or insurance companies or even internal HR audits. If you need an automated analysis of payroll history, we can build that too.

Secure and easy to use, our Payroll History Query Systems are a good investment to protect access to payroll data for as long as you need it.

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