Tarver Program Consultants began performing payroll data conversions very early on and the methods we developed back then are still in use today. The concept of converting large volumes of data by performing format and content conversions on each piece of data we touch is one that has always fascinated us. We’ve performed payroll data conversions for clients with more than 6,500 employees with a minimum of 50 data fields per employee in a single pass with 100% accuracy. That’s over a quarter of a million data points in a single job!

The key to that level of success is the fact that we’ve never lost sight of the fact that every piece of data we touch belongs to an employee who may not get paid correctly if we don’t do our job accurately. We never forget that payroll data isn’t just a collection of bits and bytes. It is the digital representation of people and though they may never know our name, we are acutely aware that they are depending on us to get the conversion of their data converted right the first time.

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